My Favorite Pieces from Fashion Nova x Cardi B

On October 29th, Fashion Nova announced they would be releasing a collection with Ms. Regular Degular Smegular Girl from the Bronx Cardi B.  When I first saw the video showcasing the collection,  I was super excited for the all blue pant suit. (For some reason, I have become obsessed with monochrome suits in all their forms.) I was curious to see what other items Cardi would give us especially since she absolutely slayed Fashion Month. With these 82 pieces, Cardi B wants her fans “to look rich and affordable” so we can live our best bougie lives. 

About an hour or two after the collection dropped today at midnight, I checked it out, and there were already pieces sold out. Now at 4am, literally every single item is sold out. Lol. 

While some of the pieces may be on the pricy side for some, like this jacket for $199.99, overall I think Cardi B did a fairly good job. Now hopefully these items will be back in stock soon for everyone who wants to buy.  Here are my favorite pieces from the collection.

Of course my first two picks are pant suits! I prefer the more tailored pants in the white set. I would consider just buying the blue jacket and wearing it with a skirt or shorts in the same blue or even try and buy it in a bigger size and use it alone as a dress.

I am absolutely LOVING these coats. Fur coats are just such a statement, and these colors are perfect for fall/winter. I don’t know about y’all, but these coats are also giving me serious Elektra from Pose vibes. This reminds me of her all red outfit when she was stealing from the Salvation Army. (We stan a money savvy queen.)

Continuing with more jackets, which I think were some of the best pieces in her collection, I absolutely LOVE these long latex coats. The black one is giving me super Matrix vibes.  These are also versatile since you can wear it as either a jacket or a dress.

I will say overall her dresses were kind of disappointing. They weren’t really doing it for me. Out of all her dresses, these were the cutest to me. Personally, I prefer the yellow, but both colors are cute for the fall/winter time. 

I’m really loving the sleeves on this blouse. I love how dramatic and flowly they are. Either of these with a bralette of the same color underneath and some jeans or a skirt and some white boots would be super cute. 

Hope you enjoyed these pieces. Let me know which pieces are favorites in the comments! Check out the full collection here

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